Caves Of The Margaret River region.

There are over 150 caves in the region, several of which are open to the public, The most popular caves include the Lake cave the Mammoth cave and the Jewel cave. Each cave has its own unique properties, making it worthwhile to visit each of them.

Jewel Cave is 1.9km long and 42 metres deep, and contains one of the largest straw stalactites in the world. Lake cave explorations begin with a descent down a 350 step staircase past ancient karri trees. Within the cave are intricate crystalline formations, pristine lakes, and the amazing view of the Suspended Table, which is a huge column of calcite that appears to hang in mid air over the lake.

The Mammoth Cave is 30 metres deep and 500 metres long, and what’s most interesting in the cave are the numerous ancient plant and animal fossils that have been found, and which include animals such as the Thylacine and a giant marsupial called the “Zygomaturas” (which somewhat resembles a Pygmy Hippopotamus).

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