Cruise On Sydney Harbour, Australia

Sydney Harbour is considered undeniably the most beautiful natural harbour in the world. The 240 kilometres of shoreline encloses around 54 square kilometres of water. The blue skies, the bluer waters, the gliding ferries and the cruising boats – the prettiest post card would be an apology!

Sydney Harbour, though famous in itself as the most beautiful natural harbour in the world, is made all the more famous by two of Australia’s most well-known icons – the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Standing tall over the setting of the harbour, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most attractive, recognizable, and well-known iconic images of Australia. It provides a majestic frame well suited for the beauty of the harbour. And what would be the best way to experience and explore the beauty of the world’s most beautiful harbour? Just cruise around on it of course!

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