humpback whales, Western Australia

Whale watching in Australia varies depending on the location, whales are most frequently seen around the southern coastal waters of Australia, and not usually found to the north. Humpbacks, the most famously vocal singers of the cetacean family, are usually seen off the eastern and western coasts, while orcas can be seen all around Australia. For further refining your plans, consider the following:

  • New South Wales – Humpback whales are most commonly seen from the coast here from June through December.
  • Queensland – From July through September, humpbacks predominate in this area as well. The neighborhood of the Great Barrier Reef often hosts dwarf Minke whales.
  • Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia – Your whale watching trip is most likely to run into southern rights in the waters off of these states.
  • Western Australia – Head toward Western Australia for a whale watching cruise that may encounter southern right whales, humpbacks, and even the enormous blue whales. Blues were hunted nearly to extinction, and remain endangered, but their population is making a comeback.

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