Riesling Trail, South Australia

The Riesling Trail is a pathway used both for walking or cycling that follows the existing regional railway actually now not being used. The trail is 27 kilometres long and ends in the atrium of the Clare Valley from Clare to Auburn. Any time you chose to take this trail, one can pass several fine-looking townships and a lot of local wineries.

The Distance of the trail is as follows: 7 kilometres (Clare to Sevenhill), 5 kilometres (Sevenhill – Penwortham), 5 kilometres (Penwortham to Watervale), 2 kilometres (Watervale to Leasingham) and 8 kilometres (Leasingham to Auburn)

The Riesling Trail is being used in both directions and contains several signposts for entrances and exits in every town and between towns. It features a easy to use ascent and is best suited for cyclists and hikers in different areas of life and ability. All of the track can be cycled for 2 hours approximately. Parking spots also are offered at four locations along the route. This is found in Clare, Sevenhill, Watervale and Auburn. Loop hiking trails also are around. These trails can take you where you started excluding the trails you passed before.

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